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About the Game

Learn All About Castle Story

Castle Story is a real-time strategy with a twist:
You don’t simply place completed structures and wait for them to be built, you actually design your structures block-by-block the way you want!

The only limits
are your imagination.

Meet the Bricktrons

They Are Your Minions

Everything you make, you’ll make through them.
They’ll gather resources, build the structures you design, and protect your creations when things go wrong!

Bricktrons are simple creatures. They’re driven by a strange desire to build structures here and there, according to the will of a invisible overseer. They’re bound to the energy of their home crystal, the center of their civilisation.

Islands in the Sky?

No Bricktron knows exactly what happens if you reach the bottom...

In the world of Castle Story, worlds are far apart,
drifting in a vast swath of sky above an infinite ocean. Islands are held aloft by mysterious energies emanating from crystalline structures embedded in their cores. Should you fall off the islands, the fall would be long. No Bricktron knows exactly what happens if you reach the bottom...

Gathering Resources

To Build the Bricktron's Home

Bricktrons need to gather various materials:

Stone is used to build strong walls and solid foundations. It is the most abundant resource and can be found by digging the ground under your feet.

Wood grows on the surface of the islands as trees that can be cut into logs or planks. It can be used to create scaffolding and the interior structure of your castle. Wood is a more flexible building material than stone, but not as strong.

Crystal comes into many forms that are encountered as you explore. Each type has a different effect. For example, Blue crystal will help you upgrade your home crystal and summon more Bricktrons. Orange crystal will glow at night and can be used for explosives!

Iron allows you to craft advanced items such as traps, tools, weapons, and other contraptions.

Building your Castle

You have an empty patch of grass, stockpiles full of resources, and an army of Bricktrons eager to start working.

What do you do?

You can tell your Bricktrons to do simple tasks such as chopping a tree, digging a patch of dirt, or picking up a brick, but that will only get you so far...
You’ll want to organize your Bricktrons into groups to automate some of the tasks! A quarry to dig, a lumber task to gather wood, or a building task.
In a construction group, you’ll use blueprints to plan the general structure of your castle. Place down some walls, add floors to build upwards, and populate your castle with storage, doors, and other comforts.

Sizing Up the Enemy

Bricktrons are not the only inhabitants of the world of Castle Story

Mysterious beings, only known as Corruptrons, sometimes make their appearance to wreak havoc and are a source of constant dread for the Bricktrons. Corruptrons vary in size, strength, and intelligence:

Small Corruptrons are easily defeated on their own, but can congregate in groups and cause more trouble.

Medium Corruptrons are quite smart, compared to their siblings, and possess abilities similar to Bricktrons. They’ll engage in melee or ranged combat based on the situation.

Big Corruptrons are a rare sight, but a feared one. Nearly indestructible, they will rampage through walls and shields alike. They can only be stopped with a mix of strategy, tenacity, and clever defenses (also a bit of luck!).

You may encounter other kinds of baddies as you explore the magical islands...

Game Modes

Live Your Story

How Do you want to Play?

Sandbox Mode: The game mode for pacifists. There are no time limits, all options are available, and there are no Corruptrons to ruin your day. This game mode is perfect for beginners eager to learn the art of castle building.

Invasion Mode: You have no chance to survive - expect a brutal and inevitable end to your budding civilisation! You must defend your home crystal against increasingly large waves of Corruptrons. Some game rules have been simplified to focus on the combat aspect of the game and to test your building abilities under pressure.

Multiplayer Sandbox Mode: Same as Sandbox Mode, but with friends! Build your story together: show off your building skills in an epic showdown or share a large scale project with people you trust - the choice is yours.

Conquest Mode: Conquest mode pits you against roaming armies of corruptrons on a large island with several crystals. You must stop the corruptrons from capturing all the crystals! You can either raise defenses or chase down the corruptrons. This is the ultimate test of your skills.

More modes coming soon!